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PRMC services are provided by trained Client Advocates that care for each individual woman and her unique situation. The services are also provided in confidentiality, without judgment and free of charge. They are available to any woman regardless of personal circumstance, age, national origin, income, marital status or religious affiliation. An unplanned or a crisis pregnancy does not necessitate the making of an uninformed or impulsive decision.

Educational Information on Abortion Procedures, Risks and Alternatives
PRMC does not offer abortions or make abortion referrals, but offers valuable facts and figures on the risks, techniques and consequences of abortion.

Abortion Support Group Sessions
Many women experience strong negative emotions after abortion. Sometimes this occurs within days and sometimes it happens after many years. PRMC offers Abortion Recovery Support classes.

Adoption Referrals
PRMC gives referrals to agencies that help women make adoption plans based on each situation and circumstance.

Fetal Development 
Facts regarding the developmental stages of human life from conception to birth.

Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound
Clients who meet specified criteria are able to have an ultrasound performed in our office.

Mommy Store
The “mommy store” makes clothing and furnishings available for mother and baby as part of the Learn/Earn/Plan Program.

Parenting Classes 
Learn/Earn/And/Plan program (LEAP) is primarily an educational program for expectant mothers and parents. The concept is to reward participants with “Mommy Money” which can be exchanged for items at the Mommy Store. This process instills confidence, pride and responsibility as well as practical preparation for parenting.

Pregnancy Test 
PRMC offers pregnancy tests and re-tests at no charge.

Referrals to Community Resources 
PRMC provides referral information to assist the client with legal, medical, financial and housing needs. These referrals are verified and updated annually.

Sexual Integrity Education
This course is offered by trained client advocates and is available to individuals or groups. Sexual integrity focuses on more than just abstinence; it encompasses emotional, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual wholeness.

Sexual Integrity 
Client Advocates offer relationship consultations to negative test clients to empower them to choose sexual integrity in their lives. It is a message of sexual wholeness and purity.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s)
It is imperative that the client is aware of the reality associated with STD’s and the importance of STD testing; PRMC provides information to help women know the facts and make informed decisions.

Support and Encouragement 
The client advocates are trained and prepared to handle crisis management. The main goal is to calm the client’s anxiety, help her sort out feelings, and give her the necessary information and resources to make future plans.



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