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Please Read the materials and complete the Forms and turn them in to PRMC. Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

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Opportunities are available for adults, students, businesses and organizations. Volunteers are provided with training that is appropriate for each position.

Volunteering at the Pregnancy Resource Medical Center

Volunteers present accepting, non-judgmental and respectful attitudes to the clients.

Client Advocates interview clients, conduct pregnancy tests and are particularly prepared to consult against abortion. If follow-up is needed and allowed, the volunteer continues contact with the client.

LEAP (Learn Earn And Plan) Mommy Store Volunteers help sort and label items; help clients shop or care for the children of clients while they are shopping.

LEAP Teachers give weekly instruction in classes for the incentive program. Subjects include childbirth, self-esteem, budgeting, etc. to help clients with parenting skills.

LEAP Child Care is needed for times that the classes are offered and for times when the store is open.

Diaper Drive Host is someone who organizes a group of friends, co-workers or church members in the collection of diapers (size 2, 3, 4, and 5), diaper wipes, and items that help a mother care for her infant. These drives can be one time events or ongoing.

Clerical Help Volunteers help with the daily running of the centers by making copies and assisting in administrative type projects.

PRMC Church Liaisons keep each church in contact with PRMC, arrange for announcements, recruit support and advocate for PRMC in the church.

Housekeeper(s) will vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms and empty trash.

Handyman will be on call for minor maintenance jobs in both locations.

Fundraising Committee works on fundraisers to benefit PRMC.

Public Relations Representatives make personal contact with doctors, pastors, school counselors and school nurses to promote PRMC services. They also place business cards and brochures in public locations and man booths representing PRC at health fairs, conventions and other events.

Student Volunteers
Student volunteers bring energy and enthusiasm to PRMC. They are the future adult volunteers of the community, and it is important they have a vested interest in helping those around them in need. The student(s) or student groups can participate in the following ways:

The student(s) or student groups can organize fundraisers for the center. They will complete the planning, promoting and gathering of either Mommy Store items or funds to secure a specific item for PRC.

Mommy Store Assistance
Sorting, organizing and labeling donated items for the store in the Rosenberg location.

Flyer Distribution
Distribution of flyers at malls, movie theaters and other well populated areas.

Vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms and empty trash.



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